Our Services


Our mission is to be the one partner our clients think of when it comes to their employees, occupational safety, and building technology. The company aims to cover all areas within the near future, from digitalization through mediation, and maintenance for our partners. We operate exclusively paperless and will work digitally.
Sustainability should not be a question, but a way of working together better. A great common goal brought employees from many industries together in our company.
Engineers from a wide range of backgrounds make up the majority of our team, along with a management team with financial consulting experience, a back office staff with previous banking experience and moreover an external consultant who has decades of facility management experience.
Through this diverse structure, we can optimize both our processes and the processes of our business partners. We aim to further digitalize your inventory and maintenance processes in the future.
Further, we intend to focus on maintaining, consulting, and planning for renewable energies.
We are a company with a clear strategy. Further training, qualifications, and personal development aren't a maybe, they're a necessity for us.
We are always on eye level with our employees and always bound by our commitment. Business partners and employees will receive appreciation and recognition on a professional level at the company.


Facilities Management

Data manipulation in the industry is common, so you only see what your provider wants you to see. No one can influence or manipulate our data.
When you become a client, you may wish to keep your existing supply chain, so we want to protect that income. We make it easy for supply chain partners to transition to MAINEDGE.
Our rates are fair, and performance is rewarded. Maintenance visits and compliance work are performed by our engineers throughout Germany. In addition to our supply chain partners, we hold this service to the same high standard. Our engineers are among the industry's best because they constantly acquire new skills. By reducing reactive tasks and protecting asset lifecycles, MAINEDGE lowers your annual costs.

Technical Consultancy

In order to make the best decisions for your business, it is important that your estate is healthy. We provide services ranging from determining which sites are profitable to assessing the viability of leases. Our team of strategic experts also conducts surveying, procurement, and analytics, assisting you with making business and customer-friendly decisions. Renovations and upgrades play a crucial role in your financial planning, which is why they need to be cost-effective. With our expertise in design, build and engineering, we deliver large commercial buildings and multi-site properties. With MAINEDGE Consulting, you’re assured that the potential risk and budget will be managed.

Tech Solutions

Digitization of facility portfolios
Consulting for technical facility management and technical building operations
Legally compliant maintenance
Classification of facilities according to DIN 276 and REG-IS 2.0
Live Support Eingineers with Google Glasses
App development
Unique custom Software
Digital Process Automation (Power Automate)
Business Intelligence (Power BI)


Our goal is to ensure a sustainable future by operating on an entirely paperless basis and working digitally in all aspects of our business. Sustainability should not be seen as a question but rather a way for us to improve the way we work.


Having trust in the leaders of your maintenance contract or project is important, which is why our leadership team are all experts in their fields. With our team, you get the best of facility management, consultancy and technology services - from exceeding deliverables and partnering with you on commercials to supporting your internal communications and providing you with the latest technology.


Digital Twin

An accurate and comprehensive representation of every building asset is a hallmark of a Digital Building Twin, which facilitates comprehensive real estate portfolio and building management. By integrating spaces, areas, sensors, and equipment into one ecosystem, they combine static and dynamic information. Data-driven insights can be delivered in real time using digital building and portfolio twins across the entire building lifecycle.
A Digital Building Twin is not a generic one-size-fits-all tool. This means that it grows and evolves to meet the needs of individual businesses. The more mature it is, the more it allows an organization to make better business decisions based on its data.


Feel free to contact us for an informal discussion based on your organization's needs, whether face-to-face, online or over the phone.